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I have spoken to women from my mother’s generation who tell their daughters that they should not just ask about ‘rights’ because ‘rights come with responsibilities’. It takes a lot of conviction to have such a strong sense of duty. I think the woman who got married at 20 to a man she had never known and tried to make it work for 50 years is as strong as the woman who decides to opt for divorce at 35. How dare we say that the former was regressive? The woman who has never been married is also strong. To me all women are strong in their own way. We like to divide woman based on age, marital status, working status , status of having children etc. but ultimately everybody has their own battle which they are fighting.

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An Interview with Author Tanvi Sinha


New Book! The Invisible Victim

I am excited to share that my latest book, ‘The Invisible Victim’ is now available on Kindle. This is also a thriller like my last book, ‘Till Death Do Us Apart.’  Sharing the link. Hope you enjoy reading!


A grieving husband. A young lawyer searching for love. A simple woman tending to her ailing father. An unfathomable tragedy makes their paths cross. Justice becomes secondary, as the line between victim and perpetrator becomes invisible.

Lockdown Post 3: How is One Day Different From Another

I love dressing up. Even at work, I always participated in ethnic days, where  I could get an opportunity to wear a sari.

When I was much younger and an intern, I used to wear Kurta and churidar one day, then formal skirt and shirt another day, and then formal pants and shirts.  In other words,  forget about repeating the same clothes I did not even like to repeat the same TYPE of outfit and used to alternate between Indian and western.

Somebody had asked me why, and I had said I want all days to be different. I want to distinguish the Tuesday from the Thursday. Otherwise every day looks the same. It becomes a big blur.

It will be three months now, since I have alternated between night pajama and day pajama! Today, I was so bored that I decided not to exercise. Just to do something different and break the daily routine!!

I asked for recommendations for movies, series, and thanks to all of you who gave me so many suggestions. My mind has been so restless. I have not watched anything since Homeland.   In fact,  when my husband and I try to watch something, I do not  even pay attention. I keep disturbing him, asking him what’s going on. He pauses to explain then I just leave it in the middle to do something (wash dishes) or sometimes to do nothing. He later tells me the movie was nice, and I would have liked it.

My grandmother used to say, ‘Cinema mein man hi nahi lagta hai’. I am turning into her…

A dear friend of mine asked me how did two books happen despite office work and housework with no maids and cooks.

I guess I just wanted the months to look different, if not the days.

I lived different lives through my characters, since the ‘normal’ life known to me, had become unrecognizable.

Do share with me what is making your days different from one another.

P.S. Family online parties on Zoom and Hangout have been a blessing. Do try it.


Writer Shilpee Prasad’s Review Of Dance To My Tunes

Book Title : Dance to my tunes: A collection of short stories
Author : Anthology by Tanvi Sinha
Price : ₹ 150
Note: The cover is as beautiful like the stories dancing in 105 pages inside.

The categories of story is close to my heart, woman centric ones. During my teens, I was like, “writers are Agatha Christie, Emily Dickinson, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan and the league”.

As I grew up my prospective changed. And the list outlined. Tanvi you helped to revamp my interests and love for books.

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Dance to my Tunes