Broken In Spirits, and Broken In Thoughts

Broken in spirits,

And broken in thoughts.

Deprived of every joy

Her mind is in knots


She was fooled yet again,

In the life she detested

Everything she ever liked

Was brutally contested


The pretense was too much

She wanted to break free

Keep going on without a word

Was her family’s decree


They sold the fairytale

Again and again

Years have gone by

She has only found pain


‘Help me!’ she tried to scream

But she was dismissed by all

Each night she cried herself to sleep

Curled up into a ball


She wants this to be over

But there is no escape

Everything she ever wanted to be

Is now a blurred ugly shape


What could she possibly want

They think nothing is wrong

She is the problem they feel,

Stubborn and headstrong.


Remove the soul from the body

It will still survive

Hollow, empty and deceived

She is still alive.


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Love Never Comes Alone


Love never comes alone,

It brings everything I need.

Smiles, hopes, laughs, and charm

All my dreams unleashed.


Love never comes alone,

It brings with it sunshine.

Everything happy and good,

And moments so divine.


The morning felt different.

Brighter day, and lighter night.

Was everything the same?

Yet it felt so right.


The look in someone’s eye,

That made me feel beautiful.

The trees, the birds, the breeze

Became pleasantly musical.


I was another person,

Happy and new,

Better late than never,

I got my due.


I am a whole person.

I was always complete.

But the person I became,

Was a delightful treat.


What matters is me,

Not the love that leaves.

Yet it took away everything good,

My heart had just started to believe.


For love never leaves alone.

It took everything I had made mine.

All things happy and good,

And every little sunshine.


For love never leaves alone,

It takes away everything I need,

Smiles, hopes, laughs, and charm

As I watch and plead.


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Picture Imperfect

A flash and a click,
And I felt sick.

My eyes darted around
In search of that terrible sound.

“Sweetheart in another pose please,
And stop being such a tease.”

I looked around at the couple with a smile,
At how love made everything seem worthwhile.

I slowly averted my gaze,
As my memories were ablaze.

When a flash and a click
And my hair I would flick.

A smile and a pout,
My heart clear, with no doubt.

He’d walk over and grin,
And say I was a beautiful sin.

A flash and a click,
It always did the trick.

I’d smile through my tears,
Unaware it would be the reason for my fears.

As I lay fast asleep,
He clicked away like a creep.

A loud thud, and a bang,
Then the door bell rang.

A click click, and a flash,
Into my room I made a dash.

I was plastered on every page,
Of every website I was the rage.

All I wanted was to die,
But I walked with my head held high.

A few months and I was forgotten,
Replaced by news more rotten.

But now a flash and a click,
And I turn into a brick.

Another flash and a click,
And I still can’t stop feeling sick.


About the author:

Shirisha Pothapragada is an architect by profession. She is also a writer, and poetry is her forte. Shirisha has the unique talent of expressing emotions on social issues while maintaining the dichotomy in her poems.


He has my eyes
Almond-shaped and blue,
And a smile so soft
Like the morning dew.

He holds my finger
With a trust so deep,
A miracle so divine
My love would reap.

He is my son
Yes my very own,
The last promise
That I’d never be alone.

He points to the stars,
With an innocent smile
My Daddy’s up there!”
I play along my wile.

Half mine and half yours,
The father he never saw
It’s been long since you left
But the pain is still raw.

The emptiness of you gone,
Haunted me for days.
Until he came to my life
Rescued with his embrace.

That night was enchanting
Your love seemed so pure,
I was uninhibited yet coy
Mesmerized in your allure.

Was this my destiny,
Or a willful choice?
I ask myself time and again
When I hear his cheery voice.

He thinks you are with God,
I protect him with all my might.
The truth is harsh and cruel
Still shivers me with fright.

For you are in this very world
Alive and aware
An old flame is all I am to you,
Not worth your care.

They say time heals all pain
But time is eternity
Days and nights of sorrow,
A struggle for serenity.

The void you have created
Consumes my heart in its prime.
But I choose to forgive you
For the sake of this lifetime.

I could argue with God
That life has been unfair
But the joy that he brings me,
Makes my heart repair.

To make him a good man,
Is all I live for any more.
May he never be the reason
For another woman’s sore.

Published on Women’s Web

Marital rape

Marital rape is a serious crime. Yet neither the law, nor the society has tried to address it with complete justice.
Shirisha Pothapragada has written the following poem, capturing the emotions of a woman stuck in an abusive marriage. The ending of the poem to be is the best part, where she finally makes a choice.


I had looked at my wedding ring,
And rejoiced at what the future would bring.
I was terribly unaware,
That I had walked into a nightmare.

It all started with a vicious look;
He had noticed an unbuttoned hook.
In company, he would hold me and smile,
An expert in hiding all his vile.

Once home my first lesson I learnt,
As my body he slowly burnt.
He would lock the room door,
And throw me on the floor.

Into me he’d empty his seed,
And say a baby is what we need.
He would feed me day and night
Till, of my beauty I lost sight.

But I set aside my fears,
And let him wipe my tears.
In his love I started to bloom,
And he then attacked my womb.

I lay crying on the floor,
My heart in an uproar.
He walked upto me and said,
What fun, if just the two of us played!”

And then he would go on and on,
From dusk until dawn.
When I screamed I was sore,
He’d laugh and say there was more.

Sated, he would kick me with his feet,
And I would curl up in defeat.
After an hour of fearful sleep,
I’d look into the mirror and weep.

Was my life the result of my sin?
I’d search for answers from within.
Now that the day had begun,
All the chores had to be done.

He would kiss me on my cheek,
And apologise for acting like a freak.
My consent had been withheld,
This injustice had to be quelled.

I looked again at my wedding ring,
Only words of sorrow it could sing.
I swiftly took it off my finger,
There was no more need to linger.

I walked out penniless and sore,
But at every step I felt my heart soar


About the author:

Shirisha Pothapragada is an architect by profession. She is also a writer, and poetry is her forte. Shirisha has the unique talent of expressing emotions on social issues while maintaining the dichotomy in her poems.

Main Bitiya Rani Hoon Na

We all love daughters. The sweet, caring and loving daughters who have always been the custodians of the family values.

But does a daughter not have her own identity and her own aspirations? And does that make her any less of a good daughter?

Mr. Sunil Kakkar has written this beautiful and empowering poem on ‘daughters’.

Main Bitiya Rani Hoon Na

Maine Aksar Samaaj Koh
Balidaan Diya Hai
Apne Man Ko Maar Kar
Bahut Si Khushiyon Ka
Tyaag Diya Hai

Main Bitiya Rani Hoon Na

Maine Aksar Ma Ka
Saath Diya Hai
Rasoi Mein Kathor Parishram Kar
Mehmannon Ka Khaas
Khayal Kiya Hai

Main Bitiya Rani Hoon Na

Mere Babu Jee Ne Aksar
Mujhe Pe Naaz Kiya Hai
Auron Se Bewajah
Daant Khane Par Bhi
Maine Apni Nazarein Jhuka Ke
Apni Tehzeeb Ka
Pramaan Diya Hai

Main Bitiya Rani Hoon Na

Maine Aksar Bhaiyya
Ka Kaam Kiya Hai
Unke Mauj Masti Kar
Ghar Aane Par
Daud Ke Unka Swagat Kiya Hai

Main Bitiya Rani Hoon Na

Maine Aksar Yeh
Sweekar Kiya Hai
Rajkumar Toh Sapnon
Mein Aate Hain
Pati Ka Aachran Kaisa Bhi Hoh
Banu Main Ek Adarsh Patni
Sab Ka Yeh Sapna
Maine Sakaar Kiya Hai

Magar Aaj Waqt Badal Raha Hai
Ek Wajood Hai Mera Bhi
Apne Andaaz Mein
Apni Zindagi Jeene Ka
Maine Man Mein Thaan Liya Hai

Kadam Se Kadam Mila Kar
Main Bhi Ab Aage Bhadoongi
Meri Bhi Ek Hasti Hai
Meri Bhi Aakanshaayan Hain
Maine Bhi Kuch Kar Dikhaane Ka
Sankalp Pura Kar Liya Hai

Main Bitiya Rani Hoon Na

Main Aur Ma Bhi Ab
Poori Dooniyan Dekhein Ge
Ghul Mil Kar Aapas Mein Humne
Khilne Ka Prayaas Kiya Hai

Main Bitiya Rani Hoon Na

Apne Bhaiyya Se
Umeedein Hain Meri
Thoda Waqt Nikal Kar
Wohi Mere Nakhrey Uthaayenge
Khush Rakhein Woh Hamesh Mujhe
Maine Unhe Aadesh Deeya Hai

Main Bitiya Rani Hoon Na

Main Usko Apna Dil Doongi
Izzat Joh Karega Meri
Dil Se Mujhe Chhahe Ga
Aisa Hi Pati Mujhe Chaahiye
Maine Babu Jee Koh Bataa Diya Hai


About the author:

Sunil Kakkar, an IIT graduate and a Computer Engineer, is passionate about writing poetry in his spare time. He writes romantic as well as social issues based poetry in Hindi, Urdu and English.
This poem was originally published on his Facebook page “Suneel Ke Dil Se

Illusions of love

Abuse – could be in the form of emotional, physical or sexual, which can scar a person for life. It is not just women, but men who go through abuse as well. At times, people are not even aware that they may be being abused.

How would a person going through abuse seek help, if he/she is not even able to acknowledge it, or once acknowledged, it is considered shameful to talk about it? What does a person going through abuse feel, and why does he/she take it?

Shirisha Pothapragada, has captured the emotions of a woman who is in an abusive relationship, in this touching poem:


We are staying together he promised,
Even as your hair turns the shade of grey,
Cause you are my diamond, unpolished,
And I will shape you as I may.

I am his jewel, I beamed,
And he will be by me till eternity.
A better person he would make me,
I couldn’t have asked for a better destiny.

I looked on as he stripped me bare
Of all, that was me,
I put on the clothes he bought and the smile he taught
And this, he said, was why he adored me.

He shared with me his darkest fears,
And the pain inflicted by all.
Believing it to be the truth
I promised to catch him if ever he were to fall.

I walked his walk and talked his talk,
As I wouldn’t dare be a disgrace.
Words of love became far and few
Only scars on my skin I could trace.

I crouched in the darkest corner of the room,
As I got the whiff of cigarette and beer,
I felt a shudder run down my spine,
As I saw him appear.

I stood silently as my clothes he ripped apart
And threw me out the door,
This was my punishment I knew,
For he felt I had acted like a whore.

As the night faded, he would come to me,
Whispering words sweet as honey,
He would then carry me in like a baby
Reminding me never to disagree.

As months turned into years
It suddenly dawned on me,
That my life was no paradise
And that I had fooled not just me but everybody.

My worth I let be defined by him.
I was a nobody, he ingrained from the start,
It was not just my heart he broke,
But my soul he had ripped apart.

Finally, Unshackled and free I search for my dignity,
But as I lay alone at night I fall apart at the seam.
And as I succumb to the darkness inside,
I let out a silent scream.

His memories still haunt me,
His words still echo in my brain,
We are staying together he had promised,
You are not getting away from me, never again

The knight in shining armour

The day had barely started,
It was just me and my tea.
Yet I felt somebody’s presence,
In the midst of my melancholy.

I remember being cuddled,
In his broad chest.
The comfort I felt,
As he put me to rest.

He’d be with me the entire night,
As I wished the sun did not rise.
He’d vanish at the dot of dawn,
I waited for a surprise.

Sometimes I wondered,
Was he even true?
But the marks on my bosom,
Had a violet-red hue.

He did not love me,
Though a lover he already was.
I inflicted this pain on myself,
As I look back and pause.

How guilty I felt,
For ruining my fairy-tale.
No knight in shining armor,
My dream did fail.

For he did not just touch me,
But my heart and soul.
And now I long for him
Love has taken its toll.

Was this my destiny,
Or is love ever a choice?
For every time I saw him,
My heart did rejoice.

Until I met him,
I had never felt so alive.
He was my guilty pleasure,
I just couldn’t deprive.

The days have always been long,
And so have the nights.
I still wish there was no sun,
And he’d never be off my sight.

Will I be strong today,
Will I ask him to leave?
I am aware of the damage,
His presence would interweave.

The moonlight is visible,
My heart begins to pound.
Few hours of ecstasy,
Until my lover would abscond.

I wear a white dress,
And put on my pearls.
I get ready for him,
As I untangle my curls.

He comes at midnight,
And plants a kiss on my cheek.
My desperation for him,
Has reached its peak.

You look beautiful as ever,
He says, his arm around my waist.
He unhooks a button,
As always, in haste.

I shut my eyes,
As he held me close.
You have never truly loved me,
Not for a moment, I suppose.

What’s wrong with you?
He asks in shock?
We agreed on this!
As his hands I try to block.

I grew up reading fairy tales,
I told him for the first time.
My quest for true love,
Is hence my paradigm.

You can’t have me,
No, Not anymore.
I deserve to be the princess,
In all my dreams, I swore.

Goodbye, my love,
You taught me my worth.
I would rather await my knight,
Knowing he may be in dearth.

Originally published on Women’s Web