New Book! The Invisible Victim

I am excited to share that my latest book, ‘The Invisible Victim’ is now available on Kindle. This is also a thriller like my last book, ‘Till Death Do Us Apart.’  Sharing the link. Hope you enjoy reading!


A grieving husband. A young lawyer searching for love. A simple woman tending to her ailing father. An unfathomable tragedy makes their paths cross. Justice becomes secondary, as the line between victim and perpetrator becomes invisible.

Why Does Men’s Misogyny Unite Them But Most Women Fail To Stand Up For Each Other?

Men often unite in their misogyny. But women get divided by the same, speaking up against each other in their unwitting support of patriarchy, competing for brownie points of their men. Stop, already!

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Featured Among Top 5 Social Impact Blogs by ImpactGuru

Honored to be featured among the “Top 5 Social Impact Blogs to be followed” by  ImpactGuru. The other four blogs include Mrs. Funnybones (Twinkle Khanna’s blog) and Indian Homemaker (Seema Rao’s blog). To see my name in this list, with such accomplished women is indeed a proud moment.

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Would like to add for anybody who is reading this, please take that step that you think may have an impact. No matter how small it may be. Do not worry about the results. is a crowdfunding platform helping people raise funds for their personal causes. They regularly update their blog about new events that take place with regards to crowdfunding, healthcare, social issues and other related domains.


Is Marriage Considered “Free Rehabilitation Facility” By Indian Parents And Their “Problematic” Sons?

Is Marriage Considered “Free Rehabilitation Facility” By Indian Parents And Their “Problematic” Sons?

Why do Indian families feel that if a man has lost his purpose in life, is abusive, or suffers from any addictions, the best thing to do for him would be to get him married?

Is it a reasonable expectation? Is it fair? Is it not outright deceitful and selfish?

Click on the link above to read the full article on Women’s Web.