Suggestion Column: The Uninvited Guest

I wanted to start a column where readers can send a problem / situation they are facing, for others to provide suggestions.

Sharing the first email I have received:

Neha (name changed) is a working woman who lives with her husband and 2-year-old son who she sends to day care while she is at work. She has a hectic routine, managing home, work and a kid.

Recently, Neha’s husband, Ajay announced that his eldest sister’s daughter would be living with them for a year to attend coaching classes for a competitive exam. His sister feels that since this is the first time the girl would be living away from hometown, it is better she stays with family. A home environment would be more conducive for her studies than a PG. Ajay agrees.

Neha is irritated. She feels that Ajay should have consulted her, before committing to his sister. Neha tried to make him understand that she is already exhausted every day, and she has no patience to take responsibility of another person. They have a two-bedroom apartment and giving away one room to a girl would make it very congested. Everything that she had dumped in the other room would not have to fit into her bedroom. She also feels that their privacy would be gone.  Neha has lived in hostels / PGs all her life and she does not understand why the niece cannot do the same. Ajay believes he cannot disrespect his sister. He tells Neha that had it been someone from her side of the family, he would have happily agreed. Neha has been upset, but she is not able to convince him. They end up fighting to the point that Ajay says that he is earning more than her, and he can invite whoever he wants. If she is unhappy she can leave.

Neha’s mother has told her that there is no point creating such an issue. It is a matter of a year. Not worth ruining her relationship. Neha feels like she has no say in the decisions in her own household.  She does not know what to do. 

When Women Speak Up…

When women speak up revolutions happen...! - Nasreen Hussain
When women speak up ‘Just shut up & listen to them! – Brajesh Kumar
When women speak up the clothes are broken and freedom is achieved from shackles of bigotry and stereotypic. It's a revolution that changes mindsets and society, long awaited. – Tarun Vashishtha
When women speak up it is the beginning of the change. – Aruna Kompalli
When women speak up, even the Tsunami opts for an indefinite sabbatical. – Nikhil Iyer
When women speak up the equation is balanced & that is all that we are seeking. – Dhruv Marya
When women speak up, the universe listens. – Keeran Singh
When women speak up, matriarchy brushes a soft feathery touch on patriarchy’s head and she whispers, “Watch and learn, love. Watch and learn what equality looks like.” – Fatima Tuz Zohra
When women speak up the thinking begins – Monica Riat
When women speak up, it makes sense to listen – Nidhi Shukla
When women speak up the world becomes a better place to live in. – Kumkum Kumar
When women speak up, patriarchy shakes up.

We might make you uncomfortable, but we are unstoppable.

Together we will bring about a revolution some day, our voice is here to stay – Anupama Dalmia
When women speak up, their education is not stopped for marriage. When women speak up, they do not have to give up their jobs for family. When women speak up, they can break free from unhealthy and toxic relationships. When women speak up, everyone in the house contributed to household chores! When women speak up, they inspire their children to never accept anything they feel is wrong! When women speak up men know that she is here to stay – Ankita Sinha
When women speak up, men will find no place to hide, no mirror to face, no words to apologise, no escape from guilts, but only shame, regret, guilt and tears rolling down once and for all the unheard voices of that women... – Sakshi Tyagi
When women speak up, her son will be the positive messenger of the new bright future of our world and her daughter will never face any difficulties faced by women so far. When women speak up, she will be sowing the seed for a fresh new generation! – Divya Anvekar
When Women Speaks Up There Ignites A Thought to change – Anjali Anugraha